Tallis 500
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Tallis 500- the legacy. Music by Tallis, Byrd and Tomkins

Wed 18 May 2005 8 pm, St George's Church
Fri 10 June 8pm, St John-sub-castro, Lewes

500 years old in 2005, Thomas Tallis is alive and well.  The outpourings of a  deeply devout genius are for ever locked into some of the finest and most loved music this country has ever produced. Within his long mortal life -  he lived to be 80 -  he wrote  music for every occasion: sacred, secular, Catholic, Protestant, vocal and instrumental.  But he also left his mark on all that was to follow him through the ages.  This programme looks both at his music and also that of the next 2 generations of English composers who owed so much to his great legacy.


Part I Tallis      
  The Latin motets -Videte Miraculum
    -Lamentations Pt 1
  English anthems - 3 psalms from Archbishop Parker psalter
  Instrumental Ė viol pieces
    -Lamentations Pt 2
Part 2 The heritage         
  The pupil  William Byrd -Ye sacred muses (elegy on the death of Tallis)
    -Music from the Cantiones Sacrae (joint published with Tallis)
    -Infelix ego (smaller group)
    -Diliges Dominum (8 voice canon)
    -Laudibus in Sanctis
  English anthem with viols -Christ Rising (SS solos + SSATTB chorus)Songs of Sundry natures 1589
Part 3 Byrdís pupil, Thomas Tomkins   -Almighty God the fountain  
    -When David heard  
    -O God the proud  
    -O sing unto the Lord