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Gaude virgo Josquin

Gaude virgo, Mater Christi, quae per aurem concepisti, Gabriele nuntio.
Gaude, quia Deo plena peperisti sine poena, cum pudoris lilio.
Gaude, quia tui nati, quem dolebas mortem pati, fulget resurrectio.
Gaude, Christo ascendente, et in coelum te vidente, motu fertur proprio.
Gaude, quae post ipsum scandis, et est honor tibi grandis, in coeli palatio.
Ubi fructus ventris tui per te detur nobis frui In perenni gaudio. Alleluia.

Rejoice, O virgin, mother of Christ, who conceived by hearing the messenger Gabriel.
Rejoice, for full of God, you gave birth without pain, retaining the lily of modesty.
Rejoice, for your son, whose death you mourned, shines in the resurrection.
Rejoice, for as Christ ascends, while you look on, into heaven, he is borne of his own accord.
Rejoice, you who ascend after him, for there is great honour for you in the palace of heaven.
May the fruit of your womb, through you, be given to us in everlasting joy. Alleluia.

Ave Maria virgo serena Josquin

Ave Maria gratia plena dominus tecum, virgo serena. 
Ave, coelorum Domina, Maria plena gratia, coelestia, terrestria, mundum replens laetitia.
Ave, cuius nativitas nostra fuit solemnitas, ut lucifer lux oriens verum solem  praeveniens.    
Ave, pia humilitas,  sine viro fecunditas, cuius annuntiatio nostra fuit salvatio.
Ave, vera virginitas, immaculata castitas, cuius purificatio nostra fuit purgatio.
Ave, praeclara omnibus angelicis virtutibus, cuius fuit assumptio nostra glorificatio.
O mater Dei, memento mei. Amen

Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee, O serene Virgin.
Hail, Queen of heaven, Mary full of grace, filling the world with heavenly and earthly joy.
Hail, whose birth brought us joy, as Lucifer, the morning star, went before the true sun.
Hail, pious humility, fruitful without a man, whose annuciation brought us salvation
Hail, true virginity, immaculate chastity, whose purification brought our cleansing.
Hail, glorious one in all angelic virtues, whose Assumption was our glorification.
O Mother of God, remember me. Amen.

Salve sancta parens Isaac

Salve, sancta parens, enixa puerpera Regem: qui caelum terramque regit in saecula saeculorum.
Sentiant omnes tuum adiuvamen, quicumque celebrant tuam commemorationem.

Hail, holy parent, who did bring forth the King who rules heaven and earth for ever and ever.
May all who keep thy commemoration feel now thy help and protection.

Innsbruck Isaac

Innsbruck, ich muß dich lassen

Ich fahr dahin mein Straßen

In fremde Land dahin.
Mein Freud ist mir genommen,

Die ich nit weiß bekommen,

Wo ich im Elend bin.

Groß Leid muß ich jetzt tragen,

Das ich allein tu klagen

Dem liebsten Buhlen mein.
Ach Lieb, nun laß mich Armen,

Im Herzen dein erbarmen,

Daß ich muß dannen sein.

Mein Trost ob allen Weiben,

Dein tu ich ewig bleiben,

Stet treu der Ehren fromm.
Nun muß dich Gott bewahren,

In aller Tugend sparen,

Bis daß ich wiederkomm.


Innsbruck I must leave you,

I am on my way

Into foreign lands.

Joy has been taken away from me,

I don’t know why

And I am in despair.

I am filled with great sorrow,

Which I convey

To my beloved alone.

Dearest love, pity me

In your heart

That I have to be away.

Despite all other women

I will stay true to you

For ever.

May God protect you

That you remain virtuous,

Until I come back again.


Was wird es doch Senfl  
Was wird es doch des Wunders noch

so gar ein seltsams Leben,

Als jetzund ist all Welt voll List

mit Untreu übergeben!

Gut Wort, arg Tück,

viel Grüss, bös Blick,

das ist der Sitt auf Erden;

Günnt keiner mehr dem andern Ehr.

Was will noch daraus werden?


What wonders are there

in our strange lives,

As the whole world is full of cunning

and overrun with infidelity!

Kind words, much malice,

Many greetings, angry looks,

That’s the custom on earth.

Everybody begrudges others’ honours

What will come of it?


Agnus Dei Josquin

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace

Virgo prudentissima

 IsaacVirgo prudentissima, quae pia gaudia mundo attulit, ut sphaeras omnes transcendit et astra sub nitidis pedibus radiis, et luce chorusca liquit, et ordinibus iam circumsepta novenis ter tribus atque ierarchiis excepta. Supremi ante Dei faciem steterat, patrona reorum. Dicite qui colitis splendentia culmina Olimpi: Spirituum proceres.Archangeli et Angeli et alme virtutesque throni vos principum, et agmina sancta, vosque potestates, et tu dominatio caeli flammantes Cherubin, verbo Seraphinque creati, an vos laetitiae tantus perfuderit nunquam sensus, ut aeterni Matrem vidisse tonantis consessum. Caelo, terraque, marique potentem Reginam, cuius numen modo spiritus omnis et genus humanum merito veneratur adorat.
Cantus firmus; Virgo prudentissima, quo progrederis, quasi aurora valde rutilans? Filia Sion

Secunda pars; Vos, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael testamur ad aures illius, ut castas fundetis vota precesque pro sacro Imperio, pro Caesare Maximiliano. Det Virgo omnipotens hostes superare malignos; restituat populis pacem terrisque salutem. Hoc tibi devota carmen Georgius arte ordinat Augusti Cantor Rectorque Capellae. Austriacae praesul regionis, sedulus omni, se in tua commendat studio pia gaudia mater. Praecipuum tamen est Illi quo assumpta fuisti, quo tu pulchra ut luna micas electa es, et ut sol.

CF Tota formosa et suavis es: pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol.

When the most wise Virgin, who brought holy joy to the world, went above all the spheres and left the stars beneath her shining feet in gleaming, radiant light, she was surrounded by the ninefold Ranks and received by the nine Hierarchies. She, the friend of suppliants, stood before the face of the supreme God. You who inhabit eternally the dazzling lights of Heaven - Archangels, leaders of the spirits, and Angels, and sustaining virtues, and you thrones of princes, and you holy armies and you powers, and you dominions of Heaven, and you fiery Cherubim, and you Seraphim, created from the Word—say whether such a feeling of joy has ever overwhelmed you as when you saw the assembly of the Mother of the everlasting Almighty. She is the queen, powerful in Heaven, on land and at sea; every Spirit and every human being rightly praises and adores her divine majesty.

(Cantus firmus;) Virgin most wise, where are you going, shining out as brightly as the dawn. Daughter of Sion!

Part two; You, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, we beg you to pour out to her chaste ears our prayers and entreaties for the sacred Empire and for Maximilian the Emperor. May the all-powerful Virgin grant that he may conquer his wicked enemies, and restore peace to the nations and safety to the lands. With faithful skill Georgius, the Emperor's Precentor and Kapellmeister rehearses this anthem for you. The Governor of the Province of Austria, diligent in all things, earnestly commends himself to your holy pleasure. Mother. The highest place, however, belongs to Him by whom you were taken up, so that you shine beautiful as the moon, excellent as the sun
Wholly fair and sweet, beautiful as the moon, excellent as the sun.

Tota pulchra es Senfl

Tota pulchra es amica mea, et macula non est in te. Favus distillans labia tua, mel et lac sub lingua tua, odor unguentorum tuorum super omnia aromata. Iam enim hiems transiit, imber abiit et recessit; flores apparuerunt, vineae florentes odorem dederunt et vox turturis audita est in terra nostra.
Surge propera amica mea, veni de Libano, veni coronaberis.

You are completely beautiful, my love, and there is no stain in you. A honeycomb drips from your lips; honey and milk are under your tongue. The scent of your perfumes is above all fragrances. For now the winter has passed on, the rain has departed and fled; flowers have appeared, blossoming vines have released their scent and the voice of the turtle dove has been heard in our land. Rise, hasten, my love, come from Lebanon: you will be crowned.

Ave rosa sine spinis Senfl

Ave rosa sine spinis,
Te quam Pater in divinis
Majestate sublimavit,
Et ab omni vae servavit.
Maria stella dicta maris,
Tu a nato illustraris
Luce clara deitatis,
Qua praefulges cunctis datis.
Gratia plena: te perfecit
Spiritus Sanctus dum te fecit
Vas divinae bonitatis
Et totius pietatis.
Dominus tecum; miro pacto
Verbo in te carne facto
Opere trini conditoris:
O quam dulce vas amoris.
Benedicta in mulieribus:
Hoc testatur omnis tribus;
Coeli dicunt te beatam
Et super omnes exaltatam.
Et benedictus fructus ventris tui,
Quo nos semper dona frui
Per praegustum hic aeternum
Et post mortem in aeternum: Amen

Cantus Firmus Ave rosa sine spinis,

Majestate sublimavit, Maria stella Luce clara deitatis, Gratia plena: Vas totius pietatis. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, per praegustum hic aeternum et post mortem in aeternum: Amen


Hail rose without thorns,
you whom the father raised up in the holiness of his majesty
and kept safe from every woe.
Mary, called star of the sea,
you are made famous by your son, by the bright light of the divine essence
through which you shine out with all your gifts. Lady full of grace,
the Holy Spirit has made you whole even while he made you the vessel of divine goodness and complete holiness.
The Lord is with you: by a wonderful covenant the word has been made flesh in you by the threefold work of the creator. How sweet is the vessel of love.
You are blessed among women.
The whole of humanity bears witness to this. The heavens declare that you are blessed and raised up above all.
And the fruit of your womb is blessed. Grant that we may always enjoy it as a foretaste here of what will last for ever after death, Amen.


(Cantus firmus;) Hail rose without thorns, he has raised you up in majesty, Mary, Star with the bright light of the divine essence. Full of grace, vessel of complete holiness. You are blessed among women and the fruit of your womb is blessed, a foretaste here and forever after death, Amen.



Quis dabit oculis Senfl

Quis dabit oculis nostris fontem lacrymarum et plorabimus coram Domino?
Germania quid ploras, Musica, cur siles?
Austria, cur induta veste reproba moerore consumeris?
Heu nobis Domine defecit nobis Maximilianus!
Gaudium cordis nostri conversum est in luctum, cecidit corona capitis nostri.
Ergo ululate, pueri, plorate, sacerdotes, lugite, cantores, plangite, milites, et dicite: Maximilianus, requiescat in pace

Who will give our eyes a fountain of tears,
that we may weep in the presence of the Lord?
Germany, why do you weep, Music, why are you silent?
Austria, why, dressed in base clothing, are you consumed by mourning?
Alas, Lord, Maximilian is gone from us.
The joy is gone from our hearts,
the crown has fallen from our head.
Therefore howl, boys, weep, priests,
mourn, singers, lament, soldiers,
and say:
May Maximilian rest in peace.