Tudor Music for a Tudor house

Danny House, Hurstpierpoint , Tuesday 25th September

Sacred and secular music by Robert Fairfax, William Cornysh, Thomas Tallis,William Byrd, John Dowland and John Jenkins

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Robert Fairfax


Maria Plena

William Cornysh


Ah Robin



3 Tunes from Archbishop Parker's Psalter
-Man blest no doubt
-Let God arise
-Why fum'th in sight




William Byrd, 1540-1623



John Jenkins, 1592-1678


Fantasia on ĎAll in a Garden Green'

William Byrd


-Kyrie and Gloria from the mass for 4 voices
-Ave verum Corpus




Thomas Tallis


3 tunes from Archbishop Parker's Psalter:
-O Come in one to praise the Lord
-E'en like the hunted hind
-Expend O Lord my plaint of word

William Byrd


Creed from the mass for 4 voices

Anonymous Elizabethan dances


Allemana d'Amour;  Pavana;  Gallyard;  Seconda Desperada;  Ronda;  La Represa

John Dowland


-If my complaints (soloist Ellen Behrens ) choir
-Come again sweet love doth now invite (soloists Pamela Nickels and
Maurice Shipsey) choir -
-Flow my tears (soloist Jane Richards)

Thomas Tallis


3 tunes from Archbishop Parker's Psalter;
-Why bragst in malice high
-God grant with grace
-Come holy ghost

John Dowland


-I saw my lady weep ( soloist Sally Morris)
-Fine knacks for ladies (choir)