Victory mass


The Victory Mass

Glorious, ceremonial, multi-choir music for voices and instruments from renaissance Spain including Victoria's famous battle mass the Missa Pro Victoria, motets by Alonso Lobo and some haunting, folk influenced works by the later Joan Cererols- with the sackbutts and cornetts of the young professional Gonzaga Band

8pm Wednesday  5 May 2004  All  Saints Church  Hove

Victoria                                              Laetatus sum (+instr)

Janequin                                            La Guerre

Missa Pro Victoria (+ instr) Kyrie and Gloria

Alonso Lobo                                     Versa est in luctum

Instrumental  slot

Victoria                                               Salve Regina 6

                                                            Ave Maria

                                                            Creed from mass (+ instr)


Joan Cererols                                   Laudate pueri Dominum (+instr)

 Cererols                                           Aye che dolor  (+instr)

Serafin (+instr)

 Victoria                                             Sanctus and Agnus Dei (+ instr)

 Instrumental  slot

 Victoria                                              Magnificat sexti toni (+ instr)