Brighton Consort: Midi files for learning purposes

Midi Files for rehearsal purposes 

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Bach Art of fugue kyrie
Machaut kyrie
Dufay Nuper rosarum flores  
Allegri Miserere  
Bruckner locus iste  
Byrd Tribue domine  




Selection of Midi files for music sung by Brighton Consort in alphabetical order by composer.

A (including Anon)
Angelus ad Virginem Anerio-MissaProDefunctis-Sanctus-Benedictus
Allegri Miserere Anerio-Missa-Pro-Defunctis-complete
Anerio, GF - Ave regina a 4 Anerio-MissaPapæMarcelli-Kyrie
Anerio-F-Christus-factus-est Anerio-MissaPapæMarcelli-Gloria
Anerio-O-bone-Jesu Anerio-MissaPapæMarcelli-Credo
Anerio_Cantate_Domino Anerio-MissaPapæMarcelli-Sanctus-Benedictus
Anerio-MissaProDefunctis-Introit-Kyrie Anerio-MissaPapæMarcelli-Agnus-Dei
Anerio-MissaProDefunctis-Die-Iræ There is no rose
Bach Jesu meine Freude .mid Bach Komm Jesu Komm.mid
Brahms Geistliches Lied op-030.mid Bach-Jesu-meineFreude-with words.mid
bachkommjesu.mid Bach Ich-lasse-dich-nicht-3.mid
Bach- Art of Fugue, contrapunctus I  
Bennett All creatures now  
Binchois a solis ortus cardine          PDF
Blow-god is our hope and strength.mid pdf Blow Salvator Mundi.mid pdf
Blow -save me oh god..mid   pdf Bouzignac In pace in idipsum
Bouzignac alleluia venite Bouzignac Ecce Festivitas
Bouzignac Plangere Bouzignac Jubilate
Bouzignac Ha plange Bouzignac Salve Jesu
Bouzignac vulnerasti cor meum Britten Hymn to the Virgin
Britten Hymn to St Cecilia- D Siu part1 Britten Hymn to St Cecilia- different version
Britten Hymn to St Cecilia- D Siu part2 Browne Stabat Mater
Britten Hymn to St Cecilia- D Siu part3 Byrd Nunc Dimittis (1610)
Byrd Ave Verum
Byrd-diliges Dominum Byrd- Christ Rising up tone
Byrd Infelix up minor 3rd Byrd - from Virgin's womb
Byrd- tristitia up tone Byrd- laudibus in sanctis
Byrd four part mass kyrie Byrd Tribue domine
Byrd four part mass gloria Byrd four part mass sanctus
Byrd four part mass credo Byrd four part mass benedictus
Byrd Great Service kyrie Byrd four part mass Agnus
Byrd-Great-Service-02-Te-Deum Byrd-Great-Service-01-Venite
Byrd-Great-Service-04-Kyrie Byrd Great Service Nunc Dimittis
Byrd Great Service Magnificat Byrd-Great-Service-03-Benedictus
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Romancero-Gitano 4Procesion.mid
1Baladilla.mid 5Memento.mid
2 La Guitarra.mid 6Baile.mid
3Puñal.mid 7Crótalo.mid
Cererols ay que dolor.mid Cererols Laudate
Cererols serafin.mid Cererols Requiem- link to page
Cornysh - Ave Maria Mater Dei Cornysh - Salve Regina in Eb
Cozzolani Vespers - link to page Cavendish, Michael: Come gentle swain
Dufay conditor alme siderum         PDF Dunstable descendi in hortum meum         PDF LAST.FM
Dufay ave regina coelorum         PDF Dunstable veni sancte spiritus         PDF LAST.FM
Durufle tu es petrus Durufle ubi caritas
Durufle tantum ergo  
Durufle Requiem 1 Durufle Requiem 2
Durufle Requiem 3 Durufle Requiem 4
Durufle Requiem 5  
East, Michael: Hence stars too dim of light Elgar There is sweet music
Fayrfax-  Maria Plena Foster - While shepherds watched
Farmer John: Fair Nymphs I heard one telling  
Gabrieli-O magnum mysterium Giovannelli Nocte surgentes
Gesualdo Ave dulcissima Maria   Gombert-Lugebat_David_Absalon    
   Lugebat_David_up a tone
Gesualdo O vos omnes    Gombert Gaudeamus
Gibbons Behold thou hast made my days Grieg Ave Maris Stella
Gibbons Blessed are they Guerrero Ave Virgo
Gibbons Hosanna to the son of David Guerrero Maria Magdalene
Gibbons - Ah, dear heart Guerrero-LaudateDom
Gibbons O clap your hands Guerrero Hombres Victoria
Gombert -Mille regrets Giovannelli Nocte surgentes(midi)
Hassler ad dominum Hassler Angelus ad pastores
Hassler Dixit Maria Hill - Hymn for Christmas Day
Hunt- Hark, Hark
Ingengieri Tenebrae.mid Ingengieri Tristis est.mid
Ingengieri -plange.mid Issac Salve sancta parens
Isaac virgo prudentissima
Jannequin La Guerre  Josquin - Praeter rerum seriem
Josquin Gaude virgo, mater Christi Josquin Agnus Dei  6 toni
Josquin deprez Ave Maria   Josquin deprez Qui habitat
Jjosquin - el grillo Josquin Nymph des Bois- deploration 
Josquin mille regrets Josquin tu solus facis mirabilia
Josquin In Flagellis josquin absalon.mid
Johnson Come Blessed bird  
Lassus Oocchi manza mia Lassus O bella fusa
Lassus Occhi, piangete Lassus S'io esca vivo
Lassus Salve regina Lassus Bonjour mon coeur.mid
Lassus missa_bell_amfitrit_altera_kyrie.mid Lassus Susanne un jour.mid
Lassus missa_bell_amfitrit_altera_gloria.mid lassus fremuit spiritus Jesus.mid
Lassus missa_bell_amfitrit_altera_credo.mid Lassus Super flumina.mid
Lassus missa_bell_amfitrit_altera_sanctus.mid Lassus Tristis est anima mea.mid
Lassus missa_bell_amfitrit_altera_agnus.mid lassus nessun fedel trovai.mid
Lassus-Missa-Quand-io-Kyrie.mid lassus Chi ad una.mid
Lassus-Missa-Quand-io-Gloria.mid lassus come falda di neve.mid
Lassus-Missa-Quand-io-Credo.mid lassus vide homo.mid
Lassus-Missa-Quand-io-Sanctus.mid Lassus justorum_animae.mid
Lassus-Missa-Quand-io-Benedictus.mid Lasuss-de-profundis.mid
Lassus-Missa-Quand-io-Agnus.mid Lassus-Ubi Est Abel.mid
Lassus nessun_fedeltrovai.mid Lassus cantantibus organis.mid 
Lauridsen-FireSong1-Ove Lauridsen-FireSong2-Quando
Lauridsen-FireSong3-Amor Lauridsen-FireSong4-IoPiango
Lauridsen-FireSong5-Luci Lauridsen-FireSong6-SePer
Lobo - audivi Ludford missa benedicta et  venerabilis - link to page
Lobo - Versa est in luctum Lotti Crucifixus for 8 
Lobo Ave Regina Lheritier surrexit
Locke Lord let me know mine end.mid pdf Locke How doth the city.mid pdf
Machaut La Messe de Nostre Dame -
thanks to Andrew Connal
kyrie sanctus
gloria agnus
Monteverdi Sestina_-_01_-_Incenerite_Spoglie.mid MonteverdiSestina_-_02_-_Ditelo_Voi
MonteverdiSestina_-_03_-_Darà_la_Notte_il_Sol MonteverdiSestina_-_04_-_Ma_Te_Raccoglie
MonteverdiSestina_-_05_-_O_Chiome MonteverdiSestina_06_Dunque_Amate_Reliquie
monteverdi messa da capella 1650 down tone.mid Monteverdi O infelix.mid
Monteverdi_Domine_Ne_In_Furore_a_6.mid Monteverdi Dunque amate reliquie.mid
monteverdi OChiomeDor.mid Monteverdi vespers of 1610- link to page
Morales-Parce-mihi.mid Morales-O_Sacrum_Convivium.mid
morales emendemus in melius down tone.mid Morales Lamentabatur.mid
Morales-Andreas_Christi_Famulus-a_8.mid Morales-Exaltata_Est_Sancta_Dei_Genitrix.mid
Morales-Gaude_Et_Laetare_Ferrariensis_Civitas.mid Morales-Manus_Tuae_Domine.mid
Morales-Peccantem_Me_Quotidie.mid Messiaen-O-sacrum-conviviumac.mid
Morley Arise awake Mouton_Nesciens
Melgas-SalveRegina Mundy Lightly she whipped o'er the dales
Morley, Thomas: Hard by a crystal fountain Mundy O Lord the maker of all things
monteverdi messa da capella 1650 down tone Macmillan In Splendoribus
Mendelssohn Psalm 2 Macmillan Benedicimus
Mendelssohn Psalm 22 Macmillan O Radiant Dawn
Mendelssohn Psalm 43 Macmillan canticle
Nesbett Magnificat in Bb
Obrecht parce domine        PDF Ockeghem Kyrie from Missa L'homme armee         PDF LAST.FM
Ockeghem_Alma_redemptoris_mater         PDF LAST.FM Ockeghem mort binchois         PDF
Padilla - Lamentations
Palestrina Tu es Petrus Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli- link to page
Parsons magnificat  
Parsons Ave Maria1 Praetorius(H) magnificat SCORE
Praetorius(H)-Magnificat Praetorius - Ecce Dominus veniet
M Praetorius magnificat_super_ut_re_mi_fa_sol_la Philips Cecilia virgo.mid
Poulenc-Tenebrae.mid Poulenc-Timor-et-Tremor.mid
Poulenc-Tristis est.mid Poulenc-Vinea mea electa.mid
Poulenc Salve Regina Purcell thous knowest Lord.mid pdf
Purcell - Jehova, quam multi.mid pdf Purcell-lord how long.mid pdf
Purcell I was glad.mid pdf Purcell_Hear_my_prayer.mid pdf
Purcell O God thou art my God.mid pdf Purcell_Remember_not.mid pdf
Purcell-Funeral sentences.mid pdf Parsons-AveMaria
Rameau Laboravi Rameau Hymne à la Nuit
Rebello Lamentations A min Rebelo Magnificat
Rebelo - Panis Angelicus Rore Ave regina coelorum
Rore Descendi in hortum meum Rore- sanctus from missa prater rerum seriem
Rore Agnus Dei from missa praeter rerum seriem Rore Ave regina coelorum, up tone.mid
Schutz Die-mit-Traenen Schutz Ich-bin-eine-rufende-Stimme
Schutz Es-ist-erschienen Schutz Selig-sind-die-Toten
Senfl  Ave rosa sine spinis Senfl  Quis dabit
Senfl Tota pulchra es Senfl Was wirt es doch a7
Shepherd In manus tuas    Sheppard - Reges Tharsis in C
Sheppard  Verbum caro-in D Schumann - An die Sterne
Stravinsky-AveMaria Striggio Ecce Beata Lucem  pdf
Tallis alleluya Tallis Euge caeli porta
Tallis In manus Tallis Gaude gloriosa
Tallis If Ye Love Me Tallis  With All Our Hearts
Tallis Lamentations I SD Tallis videte miraculum click here for transposed score (pdf)
Tallis Lamentations II SD- Tallis psalms
Tallis Spem in Alium- link to page Tallis Te Lucis ante Terminum (ferial tone)
Tallis Te Lucis ante Terminum (festal tone) Taverner Alleluia1
Taverner Christe Jesu Taverner Dum transiset   
Taverner - O Splendor Gloriæ - in D Tomkins Almighty God the fountain
Tomkins O sing unto the Lord no organ Tomkins - O god the proudclick here for Andrew's score (pdf)
Tomkins When David heard Taverner Quemadmodum
Tomkins The fauns and satyrs midi Tallis Hear the voice and prayer
Tomkins-MusicDivine.mid Tomkins The fauns and satyrs midi in two flats
Victoria Tenebrae Factae sunt Victoria Tenebrae Tamquam ad latronem
Victoria Tenebrae O vos Omnes Victoria Salve Regina
Victoria Magnificat Victoria Laetatus
Victoria Ave Maria Victoria Requiem - link to page
Victoria missa pro victoria- link to page Victoria Vidi Speciosam
Vinders O mors Inevitabilis Victoria Salve Regina a8
  Victoria Lamentations
Weelkes -When David heard Weelkes Hosanna to the son
Weelkes Gloria in excelsis Weelkes Laboravi in gemitu meo
Weekes Alleluia I heard a voice Weelkes O Jonathan woe is me
Wert Vox in Rama.mid wert-egressus Jesus.mid
wert- adesto dolori.mid Weelkes -O Lord arise
White  Christe qui lux White Lamentations
White Exaudiat te Wilbye - Adieu, sweet Amaryllis
John Wilbye The Lady Oriana Weelkes As Vesta was
Wood Hail gladdening light Wilbye draw on sweet night
Whole pages devoted to particular concerts
Sirens for BREMF  

All MIDI files in this collection are provided for personal use only. It is not my intention to violate any copyrights by offering this service for singers and I believe that these midi files fall under the "fair use" doctrine for copyright material. If you find any MIDI files in my collection that must not be distributed, please inform me and I'll see that the file is removed. Music companies should note that these MIDI files do not replace professional recordings and are of no use unless the singer has a purchased score in front of them.